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The IATSE Local 891 Employee Life and Health Trust (IATSE Local 891 ELHT) provides group life and health benefits for eligible IATSE Local 891 members and their dependents. The Plan is funded under the terms of collective agreements under which members work.

The Plan is based on an hour bank system. Employers contribute for each hour worked under the collective agreement. These hours are accumulated in members' hour banks to provide coverage once the eligibility requirements have been met. Members can maintain coverage by self-payment if their hour bank drops below the required number of hours to provide monthly coverage.

The Trustees

The Plan was established in March 1993 and is governed by six Health Benefits Plan trustees who are elected by the membership, plus the IATSE 891 Business Representative, who is a trustee by virtue of office. The trustees’ duty is to act in the best interests of all the membership and, guided by experts in the field of health benefit administration and delivery, make decisions to maximize benefits while minimizing risk to the funds held by the Plan. The trust operates independently from the Union, although it does use union office and staff resources in its administration. The position of trustee is an important role and can be extremely rewarding, however It does involve considerable responsibility and commitment of time. The current trustees are:

  • Tom Adair, Chair
  • Tom Kaczmarski
  • Dusty Kelly
  • Crystal Braunwarth, Business Representative
  • Kristina Kearley
  • Mark Aviss
  • Jeffery Seeger